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Cyriak’s Spiders

Cyriak is a freelance animator known for turning cows and cats and sheep into bizarre spiderbeast creations. But in Cobwebs, made for Showtime, it’s spiders all the way up, down, and sideways.  

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The Buzz of the Real in the Garden of Mouthings

High in the Berkeley Hills, the UC Botanical Garden has entreated a collection of artists, poets, and architects to create engaging and thought-provoking works, and situate them amidst its twisting trails. The show Natural Discourse will be on display from … Continue reading

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The 27 Happiest Invertebrates In The World

Recently a friend sent out one of those gawker-style lists calculated to encourage maximum sharing and reposting: The 26 Happiest Animals In The World. It’s full of aww and squee, but one thing stood out- It’s absolutely devoid of invertebrates! … Continue reading

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The Golden Fleece

Like the endless nature documentaries that invariably used a football field as the default unit of measurement for flea-jumping, nearly every educational book or film that mentions spiders always talked about the incredible unrealized potential of spider silk. “Pound for … Continue reading

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Hairy Stills

Though Parisian artist Guido Mocafico has received lots of attention for his beautiful photography of snakes, I love this hairy series of his, collectively called Aranea. His site also has a wonderful collection of jellyfish portraits, and photographs done in … Continue reading

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Wesley Fleming

A lovely discovery of Pennsylvania glass artist Wesley Fleming‘s incredible insects. Many of his creations are species-specific, and though there are plenty of beetles and damselflies, he’s not shy about celebrating the leggy beauty of phasmids, spiders and centipedes.  

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Time considered as a helix of semi-precious enzymes

Loom is a fantastic animation about a moment that occurs in the fractions of seconds, when a spider attacks a moth. It’s beautiful, dramatic, and poetic. That may seem like jarring adjectives for what looks like an evil horrid spider … Continue reading

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Arthropod Ammunition

Lovely article about Tom Hardwidge‘s ammunition-and-clockwork insect creations from a recycling blog. Not only are they beautiful, he has given them their own taxonomy! Adding scientific names to anything always strikes a chord with me, so here are some of … Continue reading

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Michelle Yeoh vs. the Black Widow!

Beautiful spider woman versus cross-dressing Michelle Yeoh. Don’t know how the rest of the film is, but this clip is pure dangle-from-wires awesome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_zhZ64iicY From now on, if somebody asks, i was born in the Year of the Spider.

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