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San Francisco Eats Insects

While most of the world thinks nothing of eating insects, (indeed, it could be argued that in most of humanity’s history we’ve been eating insects), Europe and the US throw up their hands over their mouths in utter amazement of … Continue reading

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The True Bug Blues

If there’s one vernacular name that drives me crazy, it’s “Bug”.  An ancient word still in use today that can refer to an insect, spider, woodlouse, centipede, lobster, bacterium, computer error, or a pug/Boston terrier mix. Or just possibly, it … Continue reading

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Monochrome Mashups: Hillier, Ernst and Mad Meg

  Though an accomplished painter and illustrator of original works, Dan Hillier has become well-known for his inventive collages sourced from Dover Pictorial Archives, with a dose of Photoshoppery.  His Lovecraftian combinations of prim ladies and writhing tentacles has even … Continue reading

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Delicious Insect Overlords!

Whole Foods posted a fake “insect ranching practices” chart on their website last Friday for April Fool’s, a lovely parody of the often complicated food location breakdowns that are posted in Whole Foods grocery stores. (Cicadas are ranched with “No … Continue reading

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machine insects

A series of simple yet enjoyable xerox-machine mashups on Nicolas Lampert’s gallery: from the 2005 MASS MoCA show “Becoming Animals” (I must state that above critter is not based on an ant, but since it’s a fantasy creature we’ll give … Continue reading

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Arthropod Ammunition

Lovely article about Tom Hardwidge‘s ammunition-and-clockwork insect creations from a recycling blog. Not only are they beautiful, he has given them their own taxonomy! Adding scientific names to anything always strikes a chord with me, so here are some of … Continue reading

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Bugs Above

Today on the Endless Swarm, one of my favorite Krulwich videos about insects, from the Morning Edition entitled “Look Up! The Billion-Bug Highway You Can’t See.” I was reminded of this amazing fact when hiking in Napa yesterday. In the … Continue reading

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Ant Music

And welcome to Bug Music Friday. Turned out in the pouring rain in SF to see the delightfully energized tribute band Madam & The Ants play at a beautiful place called Broadway Studios. Upon entereing  I realized I had been … Continue reading

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Today there is a  lovely but light article in the Wall Street Journal about insect-eating in trendy restaurants, with some information about the logistical problems in procuring, serving, and selling insects for edible consumption to a sometimes only mildly curious … Continue reading

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