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Insects At The Movies: Joe’s Apartment

Often shown as part of MTV’s legendary Liquid Television, John Payson directed this this short film gem in 1992 about poor slob Joe and the thousands of cockroaches he shares an apartment with. It’s great low-budget lunacy, and obviously one … Continue reading

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Insects At The Movies: Mimic

Despite it being a rather standard and predictable genre movie in many ways, Guillermo del Toro’s  MIMIC (1997) gives us giant human-mimicking cockroaches, a splendid combination of practical and CGI insect goodness. While diagrams of the “Judas Breed” anatomy are … Continue reading

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The Hidden Treasures of Elizabeth Goluch

Elizabeth Goluch is a metalsmith from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her gallery contains (frustratingly small) images of well-loved, despised, and under-appreciated invertebrates wrought in precious metals and gemstones.  Goluch’s insects have working hinges, and each holds within them a tiny treasure, … Continue reading

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Stick Insects

I totally dig the wooden wing details in Kyle Bean’s matchstick insects. Even more enjoyable than the above photos by Owen Silverwood, fredbutlerstyle has some lovely in-progress shots of the dragonfly.

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