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Trajectory of Night

A stunning 20-second exposure photograph of moths spiraling towards the light in the Ontario darkness by Steve Irvine. Check out the full beauty of this image at the National Geographic site. It’s like a lepidopteran cloud chamber of moth particles!

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Three Of A Kind

And now, three vehicles, all named after beetles! 1. The Stout Scarab First off, the car of my dreams- the 1936 Stout Scarab. Yes, there’s more than one car named after an insect, and the Stout Scarab is a beaut! … Continue reading

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This Silverfish Will Melt Your Heart

Some insects are an easy sell. Butterflies. Dragonflies. Honeybees. But for me it’s all about promoting the beauty inherent in the lesser-loved creatures on this planet, the ones who get no attention, or worse are vilified for having the temerity … Continue reading

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Epic Insectus

Insectus is an amusing set of photographs by Neil Craver, where arthropod body parts fall in and out of frame, a purposeful play on what must be the bane of any live insect photographer. I find myself more attracted to … Continue reading

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Hairy Stills

Though Parisian artist Guido Mocafico has received lots of attention for his beautiful photography of snakes, I love this hairy series of his, collectively called Aranea. His site also has a wonderful collection of jellyfish portraits, and photographs done in … Continue reading

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Funny thing is, even though they’re in a union, they never get breaks…

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Crop Circles

Dr. Mohamed Babu from Mysore, India fed ants food-dye filled sugar water, photographing these lovely patterns of ants filling their crops (also known as “social stomachs”) with the bright colors, and making different color combinations when they change droplets. Beautiful … Continue reading

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Diplopod Zen

Making insect antennae all day for an upcoming show.. here is a moment of zen I found while hunting for images of millipede antennae. Seriously, is there nothing more relaxing than watching one of those guys? Relax, slow down, chew … Continue reading

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Covered in BEES

In 1981 farmer and beekeeper Ron Fischer answered an ad in a national beekeeping journal seeking a man or woman willing to be photographed with bees by a “world-famous photographer.” That photographer turned out to be Richard Avedon. Here’s a … Continue reading

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