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Your Path Made Manifest

Ant trails. Depending how you look at them, they’re tiny living rivers, unending highways of industry, pseudopods of super-organsisms, or just a bunch of half-brained haplodiploid hymenopterans with a fetish for each other’s footprints. They are viewed as a product … Continue reading

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Chirp Across the Chasm

There simply is no insight more rewarding, lasting, and revealing than inquiry and discovery of our natural world through evidence and research. Seriously, how many days and nights have you hiked through a forest and wondered what it really sounded … Continue reading

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Sing a Song for Stenopelmatus

Happy Birthday to me! In celebration, I want to share with you all a very special friend of mine, a beautiful and noble beast who is tragically loathed and feared by nearly everybody I know, even friends who otherwise love … Continue reading

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Bethany Krull and the Surrogate World

There’s so much good stuff about Sculptor Bethany Krull’s works that I will have to restrain myself from displaying them all.  Krull’s seeds, insects, and invertebrates are more than just a celebration of the beautiful forms found in nature, but … Continue reading

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In Which: I Eat All The Insects

Last night Mrs. Swarm and I visited the Headlands Center for the Arts to take part in a delicious multi-course meal presented by Monica Martinez, owner of  Don Bugito, a new insect-themed food cart in San Francisco. The Headlands Center … Continue reading

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Monochrome Mashups: Hillier, Ernst and Mad Meg

  Though an accomplished painter and illustrator of original works, Dan Hillier has become well-known for his inventive collages sourced from Dover Pictorial Archives, with a dose of Photoshoppery.  His Lovecraftian combinations of prim ladies and writhing tentacles has even … Continue reading

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