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The Metal Mantids of Geoffrey Haberman

Photographer and artist Goeffrey Haberman creates these articulated mantids by hand using only brass bar stock. He’s made a small army of these species-specific sculptures over the years, and they’re mandible-droppingly intricate and expressive. Like the real mantids that inspired … Continue reading

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Epic Insectus

Insectus is an amusing set of photographs by Neil Craver, where arthropod body parts fall in and out of frame, a purposeful play on what must be the bane of any live insect photographer. I find myself more attracted to … Continue reading

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The 27 Happiest Invertebrates In The World

Recently a friend sent out one of those gawker-style lists calculated to encourage maximum sharing and reposting: The 26 Happiest Animals In The World. It’s full of aww and squee, but one thing stood out- It’s absolutely devoid of invertebrates! … Continue reading

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“Blinded to Small Beauty”

The Oreo Cameos of Judith Klausner recently made the rounds on the internet, but lesser known are her sculptures using insect parts. They are a flip side to her fast-food craftworks, giving an added dimension to her motives beyond the … Continue reading

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