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Chart Art

BibliOdyssey posted recently about a beautiful series of Entomological and Phytopathological Wall Charts up at Wageningen UR’s special collections site. Though BibliOdyssey does a fine curation, I couldn’t help but share some of my favorites as well. I think what … Continue reading

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Making Iron Gall Ink

After reading my series of holiday posts on galls, my friend Karima excitedly reminded me of one of the earliest forms of gall art: INK! And this month we finally made some! Karima Cammell owns and operates Castle In The … Continue reading

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More Art Inspired By Plant Swellings

A potpourri of works inspired by parasitic plant materials: Of course there is one very common artwork made from oak galls, Ink! Oak gall ink (also called Iron Gall Ink) has been used for centuries as a vital component  to … Continue reading

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Cynipid Celebration!

Arielle Casale has created several hundred tiny ceramic sculptures inspired by wasp galls, and dangled them on long fishing line from above. There they hang like stars, as if the host tree they were embedded in had suddenly gone invisible, … Continue reading

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