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Monochrome Mashups: Hillier, Ernst and Mad Meg

  Though an accomplished painter and illustrator of original works, Dan Hillier has become well-known for his inventive collages sourced from Dover Pictorial Archives, with a dose of Photoshoppery.  His Lovecraftian combinations of prim ladies and writhing tentacles has even … Continue reading

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The Insect Art of Laura Schlipf

Scratch some insect art and you find a swarm underneath. A found image of beautifully carved insect legs led me to the work of versatile artist Laura Schlipf.  Being a fan of insect legs as an art theme, I hunted … Continue reading

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Your Mandible Expectations

Mike Libby adds watch parts to beetles and other insects, hollowing out their abdomens and adding watch gears, sewing machine parts, and other mechanical items to create a pleasing, sometimes even plausible, clockwork insect sculpture. His site the Insect Lab … Continue reading

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“In everything there are particles of all things”

Anna Pinzari and Chantal Corso have a delightful gallery of paintings from 2008 depicting butterfly wings at such a close range that they become abstract arrangements of colored rectangles. Butterfly and moth wings are covered with tiny scales that give … Continue reading

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