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This Silverfish Will Melt Your Heart

Some insects are an easy sell. Butterflies. Dragonflies. Honeybees. But for me it’s all about promoting the beauty inherent in the lesser-loved creatures on this planet, the ones who get no attention, or worse are vilified for having the temerity … Continue reading

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Record of the Insect War

Over the holidays lots of friends sent me this glorious link of Brian Chan‘s Insect Origami, beautiful sculptures of multi-legged invertebrates created by folding a single piece of paper. Coincidentally, I watched a documentary with my relatives over the holidays … Continue reading

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Attracted To Light

The above pictures are part of a glorious item that I would love to have clutched between my tarsal claws. It is a grand art book called “Attracted To Light“, by Mike and Doug Starn. It’s full of moths, of … Continue reading

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