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Insects At The Movies: Mimic

Despite it being a rather standard and predictable genre movie in many ways, Guillermo del Toro’s  MIMIC (1997) gives us giant human-mimicking cockroaches, a splendid combination of practical and CGI insect goodness. While diagrams of the “Judas Breed” anatomy are … Continue reading

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Insects At The Movies: THEM!

In honor of my favorite month, it’s time to go through my favorite insect movies. Gleefully, most of these contain Insects and Inverts Of Unusual Size. Let’s start with the best, shall we? No matter if your list is Giant … Continue reading

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Araneus diadematus invasius!

Here in the Bay Area, we have very few really large insects.  Aside from Jerusalem crickets, most insects and spiders here are small and scarce. But in September and October, the weather heats up, and beautiful huge orb weavers appear … Continue reading

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“An October Spirit Embiggens The Smallest Insect”

October is a great time for the staff here at the Endless Swarm. It’s the one time the rest of the world seems to pay attention to the world of the unloved invertebrate. Entomological festivals get scheduled, museums dust off … Continue reading

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