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Wesley Fleming

A lovely discovery of Pennsylvania glass artist Wesley Fleming‘s incredible insects. Many of his creations are species-specific, and though there are plenty of beetles and damselflies, he’s not shy about celebrating the leggy beauty of phasmids, spiders and centipedes.  

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A well-written but brief article in Wired on the fascinating and destructive bark and ambrosia beetles, important economic pests whose biology is little-known.  The real wonder is in the accompanying photos, showing the beautiful and diverse beetles themselves, SEM photographs … Continue reading

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The True Bug Blues

If there’s one vernacular name that drives me crazy, it’s “Bug”.  An ancient word still in use today that can refer to an insect, spider, woodlouse, centipede, lobster, bacterium, computer error, or a pug/Boston terrier mix. Or just possibly, it … Continue reading

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Insects of Hair

“As an artist with a deep interest in sustainable and self-supporting systems, human hair seems the most immediate and true material. I find fascinating the historical implications and various uses of human hair. I am also intrigued with the attraction/repulsion … Continue reading

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Monochrome Mashups: Hillier, Ernst and Mad Meg

  Though an accomplished painter and illustrator of original works, Dan Hillier has become well-known for his inventive collages sourced from Dover Pictorial Archives, with a dose of Photoshoppery.  His Lovecraftian combinations of prim ladies and writhing tentacles has even … Continue reading

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Elite Elytra

A famous Victorian dress worn by Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth is being restored to its original splendor. Part of that splendor involved the replacement and repair of over 1,000 buprestid jewel beetle elytra. . Check out the history of … Continue reading

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machine insects

A series of simple yet enjoyable xerox-machine mashups on Nicolas Lampert’s gallery: from the 2005 MASS MoCA show “Becoming Animals” (I must state that above critter is not based on an ant, but since it’s a fantasy creature we’ll give … Continue reading

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Arthropod Ammunition

Lovely article about Tom Hardwidge‘s ammunition-and-clockwork insect creations from a recycling blog. Not only are they beautiful, he has given them their own taxonomy! Adding scientific names to anything always strikes a chord with me, so here are some of … Continue reading

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Your Mandible Expectations

Mike Libby adds watch parts to beetles and other insects, hollowing out their abdomens and adding watch gears, sewing machine parts, and other mechanical items to create a pleasing, sometimes even plausible, clockwork insect sculpture. His site the Insect Lab … Continue reading

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