I Believe The Children Are Our Pupae

DonorsChoose is a wonderful site that you will fall in love with. So much of a teacher’s time is spent acquiring the most basic materials for their classrooms. When I think of the mountain of science books and art materials I had at my preschool fingertips, it saddens me to think of all those hungry young minds out there without a single extra insect textbook, or hand lens, or materials to learn about basic insect anatomy.

The ever-awesome Bug Girl has put together a page just for Bug Bloggers, full of classrooms laying out what science projects they need. Have a look, and help wake up kids to the larger world of insects. An Oakland classroom looking for science art materials? Don’t Mind If I Do(nate)! And if for some reason you’re more into plants or planets, there’s a whole set of blogger-curated group pages. Plus If you use the match code “SCIENCE” this week, all donations will be matched! Or find your own thing to donate to! A little or a lot, it goes straight to the schools, and it’s mighty easy.

Donating certainly helped me relax a bit. No matter what, some kid is going to get a handle on what insects are, and that makes me hopeful for our future. A future filled with pupae. z end

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