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Fungus on my mind

The first time I ever saw a museum display about Cordyceps in the ’90s, I thought it was fake. Of course it didn’t help that the display was housed in the delightfully obfuscate and factually semi-spurious Museum of Jurassic Technology … Continue reading

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At some point I just got tired of stinging his crotch

I recently nearly completed the game Deadly Creatures for the Wii, possibly the only game where the main character is a tarantula and/or scorpion. But at some point, I confess I just got weary of crotch-stinging. Though humans show up … Continue reading

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Insects At The Movies: Phenomena (aka Creepers)

It’s time for another insect horror movie, and this is one where the insects not only win in the end, but they do the bidding of Jennifer Connelly! PHENOMENA (1985 aka “Creepers” in the US ) was made by Italian … Continue reading

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“An October Spirit Embiggens The Smallest Insect”

October is a great time for the staff here at the Endless Swarm. It’s the one time the rest of the world seems to pay attention to the world of the unloved invertebrate. Entomological festivals get scheduled, museums dust off … Continue reading

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That May Shrill

Though I’m missing out on Brood XIX, I am pleased that somewhere on the wide internets has a scan of my favorite toy, or rather, my favorite garbled translation of an insect-themed toy: I had several of these for years, … Continue reading

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Geekiest Site Ever

When an evolutionary developmental biology professor/scienceblogger of PZ Myers‘ status calls your site “The geekiest website ever“, you know you’ve made something special. Or at least really really really geeky! I’m riding a super sci-nerd high today!

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Continuing my wordpress testing this morning with BEES!!! If I had a talk show, this would happen every night. Just look at the joy on their faces!

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Michelle Yeoh vs. the Black Widow!

Beautiful spider woman versus cross-dressing Michelle Yeoh. Don’t know how the rest of the film is, but this clip is pure dangle-from-wires awesome. From now on, if somebody asks, i was born in the Year of the Spider.

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