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The Insect Art of John Dilnot

The above work is “Underfoot”, a limited edition screen print by Brighton-based artist John Dilnot. His works are a giddy riot of form and color, whether they’re folded into chaotic garden scenes or cut out and crowded into wooden boxes. … Continue reading

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Trajectory of Night

A stunning 20-second exposure photograph of moths spiraling towards the light in the Ontario darkness by Steve Irvine. Check out the full beauty of this image at the National Geographic site. It’s like a lepidopteran cloud chamber of moth particles!

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Insect Fashion

  I haven’t been able to find out who was responsible for creating the giant insects for Uniqlo‘s fashion advertisements announcing their new Uniqlo Undercover line by Jun Takahashi, but I am in love with them. Well, the insects, that … Continue reading

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The Insect Art of Kristen Rieke

Now through the end of April, Mission Pie in San Francisco features a beautiful collection of insect paintings and sculptures by local artist Kristen Rieke. I happened to find them by accident while meeting Mrs. Swarm after work one evening … Continue reading

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The 27 Happiest Invertebrates In The World

Recently a friend sent out one of those gawker-style lists calculated to encourage maximum sharing and reposting: The 26 Happiest Animals In The World. It’s full of aww and squee, but one thing stood out- It’s absolutely devoid of invertebrates! … Continue reading

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Attracted To Light

The above pictures are part of a glorious item that I would love to have clutched between my tarsal claws. It is a grand art book called “Attracted To Light“, by Mike and Doug Starn. It’s full of moths, of … Continue reading

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In Which: I Eat All The Insects

Last night Mrs. Swarm and I visited the Headlands Center for the Arts to take part in a delicious multi-course meal presented by Monica Martinez, owner of  Don Bugito, a new insect-themed food cart in San Francisco. The Headlands Center … Continue reading

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Moths Under My Nose

Continuing an unfortunate trend in local insect-related art shows that I have missed, here are some works from Bay Area artist Ana Labastida.  Her installation “Pullulate” is just one of several works involving moths and swarms, and was recently on … Continue reading

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Katherine McDowell Patterson

Plenty of butterflies and spiderwebs (and vertebrates, if that’s your thing) by Katherine McDowell Patterson

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Time considered as a helix of semi-precious enzymes

Loom is a fantastic animation about a moment that occurs in the fractions of seconds, when a spider attacks a moth. It’s beautiful, dramatic, and poetic. That may seem like jarring adjectives for what looks like an evil horrid spider … Continue reading

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