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Global Invert Celebration Calendar

This is an attempt to catalog, in one place, all the various yearly invertebrate-themed social media events and celebrations. Some are just simply fun excuses to post pictures of one’s favorite insect or invertebrate, but often they’re created by specialists … Continue reading

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Earwigs On The Wing

Earwigs, those entirely harmless yet unduly reviled members of the insect world, are dear to my heart, and are the unofficial mascot of the Endless-Swarm. So it’s always a joy to find other articles appreciating them. This article from National … Continue reading

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Fungus on my mind

The first time I ever saw a museum display about Cordyceps in the ’90s, I thought it was fake. Of course it didn’t help that the display was housed in the delightfully obfuscate and factually semi-spurious Museum of Jurassic Technology … Continue reading

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The Grand Canyon In My Hand

Is there anything more magnificent than viewing an organism in its natural habitat? For years I have wanted to view horseshoe crabs alive and swimming, but never found a reason to visit the East Coast during those beautiful Spring months… … Continue reading

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The Insect Stampede of Salsa Invertebraxa

Add this to the list of bug books I would love to paw through: Mozchops is a concept artist and illustrator who has taken his talents into the realm of graphic novels, and crafted a story around his epic insect … Continue reading

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Cyriak’s Spiders

Cyriak is a freelance animator known for turning cows and cats and sheep into bizarre spiderbeast creations. But in Cobwebs, made for Showtime, it’s spiders all the way up, down, and sideways.  

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Your Path Made Manifest

Ant trails. Depending how you look at them, they’re tiny living rivers, unending highways of industry, pseudopods of super-organsisms, or just a bunch of half-brained haplodiploid hymenopterans with a fetish for each other’s footprints. They are viewed as a product … Continue reading

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Wonderful First Life

The only thing more swooneriffic than David Attenborough narrating a nature documentary is one where he’s narrating a nature documentary about invertebrates. And the only thing even more thrilling than that is when he’s talking about Extremely Obscure Invertebrates, such … Continue reading

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Stridulation Friday presents: Insect Poetry

  This charming stop-motion film was created by members of Will Vinton Studios during a haitus in the Summer of 2000. Directed by Marilyn Zornado, it features the poetry of the late Meme Marie Meyers. I especially love the fun … Continue reading

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The Insect Art of Claire Moynihan

Claire Moynihan hand-embroiders intricate British insects and invertebrates on to small spheres of alpaca felt. The individual works are impressive, dimensional and vibrant- the creatures look as if they’ve just alighted there for the moment, ready to take off. Collected … Continue reading

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