That May Shrill

Though I’m missing out on Brood XIX, I am pleased that somewhere on the wide internets has a scan of my favorite toy, or rather, my favorite garbled translation of an insect-themed toy:

Toy Cicada That May Shrill

The Ring To Use As A Key Ring

I had several of these for years, saved mostly for their bizarre packaging. Their electronic calls were, however incredibly un-like a cicada, and more like a police siren.

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One Response to That May Shrill

  1. Monica Griffin says:

    I can’t believe you found this toy. My father and I used to have one, and we couldn’t stop laughing because only one red eye blinked and the “May Shrill” part was just the best. It did sound like something that got stepped on and the battery was trying it’s hardest to emit at least one chirp. I don’t suppose you have any to sell or know where to get one? 😀

    Great memories, regardless!

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