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Cyriak’s Spiders

Cyriak is a freelance animator known for turning cows and cats and sheep into bizarre spiderbeast creations. But in Cobwebs, made for Showtime, it’s spiders all the way up, down, and sideways.  

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Stridulation Friday: Infime

infime from Cut And Cook Studio. Can’t get enough of the fantasy macro action! For those with fat bandwidth, see it in fullscreen.

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Wonders beneath your feet

This is an absolutely wonderful article about a new discovery: Tarantulas not only posses spinnerets, but have silk glands on their feet. Wired News has a picture-laden article about the whole silky saga. This enables the heavy arachnids to climb … Continue reading

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Beetle on the Brain

My friend Clear alerted me to this lovely skull made entirely of beetle images, by none other than Noah “Skulladay” Scalin, who says of it: “I made this piece as a proposal for a client, but as it was nearing … Continue reading

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