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Cyrus Tilton

As a semi-frequent attendee of the Oakland Art Murmur, an open-gallery art event that takes place every month, I have been lucky to be exposed to Cyrus Tilton’s works thanks to  Vessel Gallery.  Tilton’s sculptures are one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Endless Swarm, Swarm, SWARM!

http://youtu.be/4GsGcqmmRd8 Cartoon Tuesday! Found this lovely bee-filled gem from my youth. In the 80’s, Marvel put Spider-Man in cartoons again, but this time paired with two other Marvel characters, where they all lived in the classic apartment-that-with-a-switch-of-a-lever-becomes-a-computer-filled-crime-fighting-lab. Anyways, this episode … Continue reading

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The swarming paper of Kristi Malakoff

Swarms, whether fish, foul, or flies, are a constant source of wonder and fascination for humans, as well as a frustration. We lack lateral lines or instinctive reactions, and  so our attempts to swarm usually result in chaotic crowds and … Continue reading

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