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The Insect Art of Beth Cavener Stichter

My latest issue of Sculpture magazine came in the mail yesterday, the cover displaying the powerfully unsettling work of Beth Cavener Stichter. Her focus for many years have been on vertebrate animals; rabbits, goats and jackals whose exaggerated stances and humanlike … Continue reading

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The Bottled Bugs of Colleen Paz

Last week at Oakland’s Art Murmur I got to play with some of these enthralling bug jars made by artist and designer Colleen Paz. A button awakens a frenetically oscillating insect inside each one. I’d love to own one of … Continue reading

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The Larvacean Art of Rebecca Hutchinson

Rebecca Hutchinson builds delicate biomorphic forms out of fragile unfired paperclay, hangs them in an art gallery, and then destroys them after the show. Many of them look like ant nest casts or caterpillar cocoons, but what they really remind … Continue reading

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The Invasive Art of Rafael Gómezbarros

Since 2007, sculptor Rafael Gómezbarros has brought his invasive swarm of giant ants to public buildings of his native Columbia. Titled “Casa Tomada”, (Seized House), the ants represent the displacement of peasants due to war and strife. Spreading aggressively over … Continue reading

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Record of the Insect War

Over the holidays lots of friends sent me this glorious link of Brian Chan‘s Insect Origami, beautiful sculptures of multi-legged invertebrates created by folding a single piece of paper. Coincidentally, I watched a documentary with my relatives over the holidays … Continue reading

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Cynipid Celebration!

Arielle Casale has created several hundred tiny ceramic sculptures inspired by wasp galls, and dangled them on long fishing line from above. There they hang like stars, as if the host tree they were embedded in had suddenly gone invisible, … Continue reading

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Deck the Galls

If you asked me what insect truly embodies the spirit of the holiday season, I wouldn’t hesitate for an instant. What other insect decorates trees in festive baubles, spreading joyful great glowing red ornaments and brilliant translucent spheres? That’s right, … Continue reading

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Bethany Krull and the Surrogate World

There’s so much good stuff about Sculptor Bethany Krull’s works that I will have to restrain myself from displaying them all.  Krull’s seeds, insects, and invertebrates are more than just a celebration of the beautiful forms found in nature, but … Continue reading

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Cyrus Tilton

As a semi-frequent attendee of the Oakland Art Murmur, an open-gallery art event that takes place every month, I have been lucky to be exposed to Cyrus Tilton’s works thanks to  Vessel Gallery.  Tilton’s sculptures are one of my favorite … Continue reading

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“Blinded to Small Beauty”

The Oreo Cameos of Judith Klausner recently made the rounds on the internet, but lesser known are her sculptures using insect parts. They are a flip side to her fast-food craftworks, giving an added dimension to her motives beyond the … Continue reading

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