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Earwigs On The Wing

Earwigs, those entirely harmless yet unduly reviled members of the insect world, are dear to my heart, and are the unofficial mascot of the Endless-Swarm. So it’s always a joy to find other articles appreciating them. This article from National … Continue reading

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I Believe The Children Are Our Pupae

Okay yes it’s a parody of a corny song, but by gumballs it’s the eve before a nail-biting election, and no matter what happens tomorrow, the best thing I can do to calm my nerves is to help some underprivileged … Continue reading

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Chart Art

BibliOdyssey posted recently about a beautiful series of Entomological and Phytopathological Wall Charts up at Wageningen UR’s special collections site. Though BibliOdyssey does a fine curation, I couldn’t help but share some of my favorites as well. I think what … Continue reading

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The Larvacean Art of Rebecca Hutchinson

Rebecca Hutchinson builds delicate biomorphic forms out of fragile unfired paperclay, hangs them in an art gallery, and then destroys them after the show. Many of them look like ant nest casts or caterpillar cocoons, but what they really remind … Continue reading

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Chirp Across the Chasm

There simply is no insight more rewarding, lasting, and revealing than inquiry and discovery of our natural world through evidence and research. Seriously, how many days and nights have you hiked through a forest and wondered what it really sounded … Continue reading

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A well-written but brief article in Wired on the fascinating and destructive bark and ambrosia beetles, important economic pests whose biology is little-known.  The real wonder is in the accompanying photos, showing the beautiful and diverse beetles themselves, SEM photographs … Continue reading

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Manuscript Call for Insects and Art

While I love it when artists talk about science, I really enjoy scientists talking (and publishing)  about art:  Bug Girl has the scoop on an open-access scientific journal called Insects that will have an entire issue edited by Jennifer Angus, … Continue reading

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Geekiest Site Ever

When an evolutionary developmental biology professor/scienceblogger of PZ Myers’ status calls your site “The geekiest website ever”, you know you’ve made something special. Or at least really really really geeky! I’m riding a super sci-nerd high today!

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Wonders beneath your feet

This is an absolutely wonderful article about a new discovery: Tarantulas not only posses spinnerets, but have silk glands on their feet. Wired News has a picture-laden article about the whole silky saga. This enables the heavy arachnids to climb … Continue reading

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