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Cyrus Tilton

As a semi-frequent attendee of the Oakland Art Murmur, an open-gallery art event that takes place every month, I have been lucky to be exposed to Cyrus Tilton’s works thanks to  Vessel Gallery.  Tilton’s sculptures are one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Anton Fell, Microscopic Milliner

On Saturday June 11, 2011, about 50 artists swarmed the public streets of San Francisco, hawking their wares carried in carts, in baskets, or on their backs. Some sold real items, others bartered or even exchanged intangible goods, like stories.  … Continue reading

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We have met the locusts

Directly challenging the romantic notion of humanity’s ideal union with the natural world, Kate MacDowell‘s haunting and intricate porcelain sculptures are each one worthy as a symbol of our combined dependance and destruction of the world we inhabit. Her portfolio … Continue reading

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Monochrome Mashups: Hillier, Ernst and Mad Meg

  Though an accomplished painter and illustrator of original works, Dan Hillier has become well-known for his inventive collages sourced from Dover Pictorial Archives, with a dose of Photoshoppery.  His Lovecraftian combinations of prim ladies and writhing tentacles has even … Continue reading

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Hocus Locust

tumblr “permalink” tumblr Image: Working out some kinks in the wordpress image posting. There seems to be some disconnect between tumblr. What better way to do so than with some insect art? I’m glad you agree! uploaded from my computer: … Continue reading

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The Insect Art of Laura Schlipf

Scratch some insect art and you find a swarm underneath. A found image of beautifully carved insect legs led me to the work of versatile artist Laura Schlipf.  Being a fan of insect legs as an art theme, I hunted … Continue reading

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