Global Invert Celebration Calendar

This is an attempt to catalog, in one place, all the various yearly invertebrate-themed social media events and celebrations. Some are just simply fun excuses to post pictures of one’s favorite insect or invertebrate, but often they’re created by specialists in their respective fields, and become a way to raise awareness or bond together over a shared obsession. 

Many of these dates are ad-hoc, and so may or may not be very well-established. While many of these are from Twitter, it’s by no means the only platform. But I want to know them all! 

Any you know about that I should add? Please share dates and links in the comments!

Feb 22-26 = Black in Entomology Week #blackinento
Mar 11
= #worldspiderday
Mar 19 = #taxonomistappreciationday
Apr = #crabmonth
May 15 = #worldcraneflyday
May 20 = #worldbeeday
Jun 07= #junebugday
July 01= #polychaeteday
Jul 17-25
is #mothweek
Aug 05 = #worldantday
Aug 20 = #worldmosquitoday
Sept 24 = #worldwaspday
Oct = #arachtober
Oct 10 = #InternationalJumpingSpiderDay
Oct 21 = #worldwormday
Dec 1-25 #25daysofcrustmas

I know there’s more out there!
z end

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