The Insect Stampede of Salsa Invertebraxa

Add this to the list of bug books I would love to paw through: Mozchops is a concept artist and illustrator who has taken his talents into the realm of graphic novels, and crafted a story around his epic insect artworks. Phippen has created a riot of invertebrate morphology that dances around the real and plausible and quickly plummets into masses of invented forms and characters called Salsa Invertebraxa. Just check out these lovely works! salsa_invertebraxa__swarm salsa_invertebraxa___war salsa_invertebraxa__melee salsa_invertebraxa__flight l love the colossal scale he gives his insects- your POV is truly that of a microscopic denizen.   I have a weakness for a good micropublished concept art book, and one filled with incredible insects and a storyline sounds like a blast. His book is available in a few stores in the UK, but you can order it here. z end
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