The Insect Art of Beth Cavener Stichter

My latest issue of Sculpture magazine came in the mail yesterday, the cover displaying the powerfully unsettling work of Beth Cavener Stichter. Her focus for many years have been on vertebrate animals; rabbits, goats and jackals whose exaggerated stances and humanlike expressions elicit strong emotional responses. But amongst her early ceramics are hidden these wonderful and amusing invertebrates.

Beth Cavener Stichter, "Ananse's Jar", 1998

Beth Cavener Stichter, "Khepera", 2000

Beth Cavener Stichter, "Pill Bug", 2000

Beth Cavener Stichter, "Pill Bugs II", 2000

Beth Cavener Stichter, "Faberge Tick", 1998

The above porcelain sculpture is probably my most favorite tick-sculpture of all tick-time. Behold the swollen egg-like body of an engorged female tick envisioned as a Fabergé egg. Outstanding and delightful! z end
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