Insect Fashion

  I haven't been able to find out who was responsible for creating the giant insects for Uniqlo's fashion advertisements announcing their new Uniqlo Undercover line by Jun Takahashi, but I am in love with them. Well, the insects, that is. Though the humans are nicely attired, they're not nearly as insect-inspired. I'd trade any of those fine threads for a chance to jam with Bass-Playing Bee!

Though this looks like a good idea, think twice before taking your lepidopteran lover to the opera- those bright stage lights might prove irresistible!

UPDATE: The set designer is Rhea Thierstein. There's a swell bio of her on Papermag about her and her obsession with insects! z end
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2 Responses to Insect Fashion

  1. Kat says:

    Methinks these bugs are photo manipulations, rather than real, practical costumes. It would be much cooler if they were practical, though.

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