The Insect Art of Kristen Rieke

Now through the end of April, Mission Pie in San Francisco features a beautiful collection of insect paintings and sculptures by local artist Kristen Rieke. I happened to find them by accident while meeting Mrs. Swarm after work one evening for chai and pie…

Picture of Rieke's works I hastily took, in between shoving pie-laden forks into my face

Kristen Rieke, "Disappearance." Oil on Panel, 2011.

Kristen Rieke, "Remain", 2011. (Photo by Katie Simmons)

Kristen Rieke, "Gone", Oil on Panel, 2011

Kristen Rieke, "Termites", Oil on Panel, 2011

Check out more honeycomb-laden work at her site. Much of her work focuses on humanity’s connection to honeybees and the tragic consequences of colony collapse disorder.  In addition, moths, beetles, and termites also receive attention and adulation. Here’s hoping more of her work pops up around the Bay Area! z end


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