Jo Whaley book signing April 7th at The Bone Room

If you live in the Bay Area and love insects, there is no excuse for not visiting The Bone Room in Albany. Ron and Diane Cauble have created a curiosity cabinet of undisputed excellence- a miniature natural history museum full of fossils, beetles and bones, only here you can actually purchase these wonders for your own home.  In recent years, the team at the Bone Room has expanded to next door with The Bone Room Presents, a continuously rotating gallery featuring lectures, how-to courses, and art openings.  This Thursday April 7th at 7pm the insect photographer Jo Whaley will be presenting a short lecture and book signing, and I shall definitely be there! Further down the month on the 21st there is also a lecture by Ron himself along with Alex Brown, “All About Amber”, a subject also relevant to my insect-obsessed self!

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