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Stridulation Friday

So what’s your most favorite song about Trilobites? Come, come, you must have at least one! Mine is by Robyn Hitchcock. He doesn’t actually sing the song until 2+ minutes in, but honestly it’s the elaborate pre-explanation he gives that … Continue reading

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Insect Fashion

  I haven’t been able to find out who was responsible for creating the giant insects for Uniqlo‘s fashion advertisements announcing their new Uniqlo Undercover line by Jun Takahashi, but I am in love with them. Well, the insects, that … Continue reading

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The Metal Mantids of Geoffrey Haberman

Photographer and artist Goeffrey Haberman creates these articulated mantids by hand using only brass bar stock. He’s made a small army of these species-specific sculptures over the years, and they’re mandible-droppingly intricate and expressive. Like the real mantids that inspired … Continue reading

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Feelers and Fire

The amazingly talented Gary Amaro was kind enough to scan for me this beautiful page from his sketchbook of the gathering outside the Surreal World of Insects show in Berkeley, CA.  Although the giant metal insects have gone back home, … Continue reading

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Creeping Countertops

The above coffee tables (and the chandelier clutching at the ceiling) are just a small part of woodworker Michael Wilson‘s beautifully biomorphic collection, but they’re of course my favorites. My heart simply moults for home décor that looks like it’s … Continue reading

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The Buzz of the Real in the Garden of Mouthings

High in the Berkeley Hills, the UC Botanical Garden has entreated a collection of artists, poets, and architects to create engaging and thought-provoking works, and situate them amidst its twisting trails. The show Natural Discourse will be on display from … Continue reading

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The Insect Art of Beth Cavener Stichter

My latest issue of Sculpture magazine came in the mail yesterday, the cover displaying the powerfully unsettling work of Beth Cavener Stichter. Her focus for many years have been on vertebrate animals; rabbits, goats and jackals whose exaggerated stances and humanlike … Continue reading

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The Surreal World of Insects

Last Saturday’s opening of The Surreal World of Insects at Terraria was a total hit. More than a simple wine-and-cheese affair, it became a huge party of insect artists and natural history enthusiasts that lasted long into the night! The … Continue reading

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Insect Art In The East Bay

There’s an Insect Art Show happening right on my doorstep, and what’s more, I’ve been invited to take part! On Saturday, June 23, Terraria (a new boutique terrarium art store) will host The Surreal World of Insects, featuring a great … Continue reading

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Three Of A Kind

And now, three vehicles, all named after beetles! 1. The Stout Scarab First off, the car of my dreams- the 1936 Stout Scarab. Yes, there’s more than one car named after an insect, and the Stout Scarab is a beaut! … Continue reading

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