Brood XIX Blues

Still a little sore that I’ve missed out on the gigantic cicada invasion known as Brood XIX, but not so sore that I can’t share some wonderful cicada-themed artwork by Nashville-based Anderson Design Group. I love the combinations of entomology and Tennessee humor.

“We decided to create a new line of Cicada-themed art and gifts to help folks laugh through one of Nature’s most bizarre spectacles—the emergence of Brood XIX cicadas that emerged in May and June, 2011. Since there was no way to avoid the billions of cicadas that took over our region for about 5 weeks, we decided to celebrate and do our part to help cicada lovers (and haters) to snag a keepsake as they laughed in nature’s face. “

The posters are selling out, so some of the inspired designs are all ready expired, like the cicadas themselves.

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