Ant Music

And welcome to Bug Music Friday.

Madam & The Ants

Turned out in the pouring rain in SF to see the delightfully energized tribute band Madam & The Ants play at a beautiful place called Broadway Studios. Upon entereing  I realized I had been there before, but over a decade ago when it still hosted A Winter Gone By! The nostalgia-inducing architecture put me in the perfect mood to hop about to their lively set. Here’s a snippet of their show at the Eagle Tavern.  I can’t help dancing to one of the few 80’s bands who helped make singing about insects cool- in elementary school my obsession of drawing ants attracted brief popular attention, and I drew feather-headed ant portraits on many a class notebook. Hopefully soon I can share some songs from their more recent gig!

Since ant music has set the flavor for the day, allow me to share this gem from Tom Waits, who did a spoken-word piece in 2006 reciting insect facts.  I would love to hear a nature documentary narrated in that graveled tone.

(the video from Daniel Mercadante is also quite lovely)

Next is Psapp’s percussive song ‘Mister Ant’, all about love and toil:

And finally and most entomologically, found this via Myrmecos:
Ant Anatomy, (sung to the tune of the classical tune Jarabe Tapatío) !

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